In our research labs, we own and maintain an extensive array of equipment. These tools are used on a daily basis for our research activities, and all members of the group have the opportunity to become independent users:

  • Several HPLC’s (with both UV and gamma detectors)
  • LC-MS
  • Hot cells
  • Gamma counter
  • Cell screening lab
  • Radio-TLC
  • Microwave reactors
  • V10 rapid evaporators
  • Automated purification systems

The university, in collaboration with Hamilton Health Sciences, also has a world calss preclinical imaging facility available for evaluating new compounds:

  • Small animal PET and SPECT/CT

As part of the Department of Chemistry, the Valliant Group also benefits from the use of a wide variety of characterization tools and equipment, as well as the expertise of the Facility staff. This equipment is for use by the members of the department, as well as outside clients, which means students and PDFs are offered the opportunity to train and use the instruments independently: