The following reference papers are shared with new students to help provide a summary of our research focus in the group:

  • G.M. Whitesides (2004) “Writing a Paper” View the Paper
  • W. Moses “Overview of Nuclear Medicine Imaging Instrumentation and Techniques” View the Paper
  • A.F. Armstrong and J.F. Valliant (2007) “The bioinorganic and medicinal chemistry of carboranes: from new drug discovery to molecular imaging and therapy”
  • S. Banerjee, et al. (2005) “New directions in the coordination of 99mTc: a reflection on technicium core structures and a strategy for new chelate design”
  • S. Cherry (2004) “In vivo molecular and genomic imaging: new challenges for imaging physics”
  • S.H. Britz-Cunningham and S.J. Adelstein (2003) “Molecular Targeting with Radionuclides: State of the Science”