The group typically consists of 7-10 graduate students, 3-4 post-doctoral fellows/research associates, 1-2 animal technician/biologists and a laboratory manager. Students begin work under direction of a post-doctoral fellow or senior graduate student until they are familiar with the research project and techniques involved.

All members of the group present to the group on a rotating basis, which is designed to help students advance their work and keep up to date on the latest discoveries in the field.  Group members also typically attend and present at at least one conference per year (either an oral or poster submission).


The group utilizes two core facilities: the chemistry labs, which house our synthetic and analytical equipment, and the high level labs, in which we conduct radiolabeling experiments, cell uptake studies and biodistribution work. Our program is unique in that we are able to produce and work with a wide range of isotopes including 18F and 99mTc. McMaster has world class nuclear research facilities including labs to produce compounds for clinical trials.

Each student is assigned their own personal workspace with a desk, lab bench and fume hood. There are also shared office resources and computers, as well as outstanding library services in Thode.

Social Aspects

The Valliant group is known for their work ethic, but the group takes time to play as well and celebrate success. One of the fun things we organized last year was a Christmas dinner and bowling party. There is also a Chemistry Graduate Student Society (MCGSS) who organize events throughout the year, including hot dog day and a semi-formal.